The organs of St. Jacobi in Lübeck

Sietze de Vries, with Pieter Jan Belder (recorder)


Both repertoire and improvisations in the 17th- and 18th- century styles are played on the historic Stellwagen organ. Music by Buxtehude and Weckmann make up the first half of the programme, opening with a fine performance of the F major Toccata BuxBV 157. Vries is jointed by recorder player Belder in two sets of variations based on Van Eyck, where improvised organ accompaniments or extra variations join seamlessly with the original music. A large-scale set of variations on Psalm 105 is improvised by Vries, who then ends with a Bach –style chorale on the large west end organ. Stunning playing from both, this is a magical disc; very strongly recommended.

Douglas Hollick, Choir & Organ, 1-3-2012